Avigilon Access Control Platform

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We provide the performance you expect from a technology-driven security company

The Avigilon access control platform scales to the changing needs of your business, with flexible solutions that range from our Access Control Manager (ACM) enterprise system to our entry-level ACM Embedded Controller™ system. All Avigilon access control systems are 100-percent browser-based, require no software installation, and are fully integrated with Avigilon Control Center™’s video management software, delivering a ready-to-deploy solution that provides the performance you expect from a technology-driven security company.

avigilon acm embedded
ACM Embedded Controller System

We deliver an access system for small-sized businesses

The entry-level platform delivers an access system for small-sized businesses and is easy to order, configure and navigate.

Reader Doors: 1 – 2,048+

Operators: up to 500,000

Simultaneous Operators: up to 50 

Identities: up to 500,000

Stored Transactions: up to 150,000,000

Custom Reports: YES

Software Integrations: YES

Biometrics Integration: YES

Alarm Management: YES

Identity Management & Badging: YES

Hot Standby Auto Fail-over: YES

RAID & Hotswap Components: YES

Access Control Manager System

We provide uncompromising performance

A scalable enterprise platform provides uncompromising performance and is engineered with IT professionals in mind.

Reader Doors: 4 – 16

Operators: up to 10

Simultaneous Operators: 2 

Identities: up to 2,000

Stored Transactions: up to 25,000

Custom Reports: NO

Software Integrations: NO

Biometrics Integration: NO

Alarm Management: NO

Identity Management & Badging: NO

Hot Standby Auto Fail-over: NO

RAID & Hotswap Components: NO

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