Innovation Meets Advertisement

What is the Pinnacle Paint Project?

 With over 1.1 million customers each year, the Orange Park Mall is the shopping destination in Jacksonville, and it just got bigger…  When completed at the end of summer this year, there will be 5,492 different ideas printed in the parking spaces at Orange Park Mall. Businesses will purchase parking spots for their desired advertisements and showcase them to all of OPM’s consumers.

Spot Advertisements
Viewers Per Week

Parking Spot

Over 1.1 million customers visit the Orange Park Mall each year. Align your company with large corporations to increase exposure and drive customers to #shoplocal.
$ 1,200 Yearly
  • Over 20,000+ Viewers Per Week
  • Small Business Exposure
  • Showcased at "Freedom Fest" 2021

The Ultimate Package

Want to maximize exposure? Take advantage of our best offer that includes a prime graphing spot indoor and outdoor. *Limited Availability*
$ 2,200 Yearly
  • Inside/Outside Advertisement
  • Showcased at "Freedom Fest" 2021
  • Multiple Ads

Table in Food Court

The food court is the staple of the Orange Park Mall. Secure your spot and Advertise in the highest populated area of OPM. *Limited Availability*
$ 1,200 Yearly
  • Most Populated Area
  • Showcased at "Freedom Fest" 2021
  • Limited Spots Available

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